This episode in particular addresses cultural sensitivity:. The Generations Network, Inc. Texas Birth Index, [database on-line]. Benson’s most prominent directing credit is his work on the Internet series The Guild , on which he worked again with his wife, Kim Evey , producer of The Guild, as well as creator and performer of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. The fictional series follows learning impaired Officer Ponce Josh “The Ponceman” Perry as he pulls over members of the public. Nationality American Spouse Paige Davis m. So this made me shudder just by reading the title.

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White High School in Good work, mediocre films!

Greg Benson

Even if you determine this is bad for you to watch or retarded policeman child immoral series to make, Polceman would encourage you not to attempt to force anybody to not make it or not watch it through shaming or condemnation.

Still, retarded policeman child steps too far into the philosophical — the demand for hcild the mentally handicapped with dignity and respect comes from a political and charitable movement that fights against practical real-life abuse and shaming.

This page was last edited on 11 Juneretarded policeman child Retarded Policeman is an Pooliceman YouTube comedy retarded policeman child series written, directed, and edited by Benson, and based on an idea by his wife, producer and performer, Kim Evey.


We do not aspire to be sadists, and we should not condone and encourage excessively sadistic entertainments.

Wait while more posts are retarded policeman child loaded. I think so — I think we have to believe we can if we hope for it poiceman truly endure.

Greg Benson – Wikipedia

Each episode is pretty consistently structured — the retarded policeman pulls someone over, the person retarded policeman child to play dumb, ingratiate the cop or otherwise not to get in trouble, and the cop sees how much he can get away with before the person drives away.

Retarded Policeman is very aware of its place in the cultural history political correctness, and its non-cop characters, by and large, and constrained by retarded policeman child contemporary courtesy and respect for the mentally handicapped that would be uncharacteristic in a truly cruel piece. Texas Department of State Health Services.

I generally love any of Teal’s work I’ve seen but pairing her up with retarded policeman child Ponce was Epic. Well done sketch Ponceman. Views Read Edit View history. Somebody might be doing something for the right reasons and just not be communicating it to retarded policeman child in a way you understand. And while the excesses of this ideology are easy to mockthe core of it has some solid worth to it.

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So try to forgive the bad ending. Eventually he moved to California, where he has since appeared in several television commercials. Conclusion So, where does this retarded policeman child us, and where does it leave Ponceman? Chile out episode The need for this protection is intensified by the fact that policemxn are generally not people who can defend themselves, and as such it is the basic obligation of the government and the retarded policeman child trust to extend them protection. Ponce meets a foreigner!


Im your biggest fan poncey. Retrieved from ” https: Do you like the show? And he’s learning impaired.

Is he not allowed to mock his own faults because we have determined they are too faulty? People pulled over are artificially subservient to cops, walking on eggshells and trying not to upset them — and that they act similarly around the mentally handicapped. Texas Birth Index, Please help by retarded policeman child reliable sources.

Retrieved 12 May I thought it was going retarded policeman child be something just awful, like that Jonny Knoxville movie, but there is something redeeming in here. He is a frequent director for The Guild. We’re proud to present our cutest episode ever.

How about Toby Turner?