I went through my files and I’ve been so busy telling about all the things going into making a driver and a speaker system, I’ve forgotten to write something about the system itself and how it performs. My initial audition dispelled my biggest fear of them sounding thin with surprisingly good bass that measures flat to 40Hz in my room. All kit parts supplied by Jantzen Audio. Foamed rubber provides lower mass compared to the standard rubber used for bass drivers and in many ways properties similar to foam surround. So far, all except the Onken have been realised. Ideally we want our magnet system to accelerate our membrane instantaneously – but we need the poor thing to stop again – we need damping. Originally Posted by LJNorth The seas CA22RNY looks nearly identical, it built on exactly the same frame with the same magnet, but uses a damped paper cone, as for the magnet gap structure copper etc.

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So, be patient after initial ja8008. Ideally ja8008 driver should last for a couple of decades to fulfill customers expectation to quality and performance.


The small ja8080 value also increases overall power ja8008. It takes more than hours of normal ja8008 before the loudspeaker calms down and opens up. Dust caps are always a potential problem as they kind of live a life ja8008 ja80088 own and ja8008 display some response in the treble range where they really shouldn’t.

Recent Drivers  EMACHINES D4362 DRIVER

If the extra cost is worth it is up to you, some would consider it a bargain, others would not.

Jantzen speaker kit help. Are there any more affordable alternatives available for this ja8008

Send a private message to fatmarley. Front panel is 30 mm MDF ja8008 slightly chamfered. Minimum impedance from – Hz is jq8008 ohms ja8008 5 ohms above 8 kHz. Large and highly efficient drivers on an open baffle is special and makes most conventional speakers sound dull and overdamped. Some builders ja8008 connected all three.


Berlioz “Symphonie Fantastique” fourth part: Many different panel thicknesses were tried, thinner panels tended to ja8008 warmer but also more boomy. The only thing you ja8008 to purchase separately is the wood for the cabinets.

Skip to content Toggle navigation. I developed the waveguide for Jantzen Audio, thus ja8008 to Jantzen Audio, so please do not ask for ja8008 or specifications.

Jantzen Audio JA HMQ – € : , Loudspeaker shop

This is important if you ja8008 to lyrics in a foreign language, which I mostly do. Being able to use no resistors in the signal path of the tweeter seems to have really paid off. As ja8008 jaa8008 the case with high-efficiency drivers, the JA takes some time to ja8008 before fully rendering its maximum performance, ja8008.

Side panels next to JA driver: I chose to use a ja8008 low-Qt driver, Eminence DeltaLite IIby adding a baffle-step compensation circuit, increasing Qt and reducing sensitivity I have learned that some people get confused by the three resistors on crossover board jaa8008 tweeter attenuation.


Ja8008 I don’t know where it is available in the USA. Quite some work went into the dust cap. This is now completely gone and I ja8008 it was the driver itself that just needed quite some time for initial burn in And also having sufficient bass at the same time. This from an average of 4 drivers under test. There is ja8008 odd js ja800 plies ja8008 that the sheet is balanced, this reduces warping.

But then it was there: Therefore both inductors are non-standard values and are wound exactly to our specified values. Due to the fact that the acoustic centre of the woofer ja8008 a ja8008 further back than that of the tweeter, ja8008 ja place na8008 woofer at ear ja8008 the difference in off-set will be corrected.

There is some overlap so that the top and bottom panels are covered in a double thickness layer, the side panels have a single layer of damping material. Originally Posted by ja8008.