We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. We noted one glitch during the installation on our OS X system. And she managed to load a new cartridge with no trouble. Printed documentation is a little sparse but we found the PDF included on the CD to be everything we needed and the Web site http: I got good quality prints after just two sheets but needed to tweak the images, more about this later.

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Fitting the ribbon cartridge is a quick and easy job. A power cable and USB cable round out the package.

HiTi Digital – Hi-Touch Imaging Technology Innovation

When you’ve finished, press Print to batch print the set. Adobe Acrobat version 5. Pop your card into the printer and Print All.

Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on hiti 640 ps. D2T2 prints have gradation levels per color which are dot-free thanks to continuous tone printing.

We noted one hiti 640 ps during the installation on our OS X system. The Bad Prints only hiti 640 ps sheets; limited tech support. With no messy inks, dye sub hito is very clean. They get through the printer without paper jams, stacking on top of the cassette, so you don’t have to attend the operation.


HiTi Paper 4×6 Photo Paper Pack (50) F/640PS/630PS/631PS

To print in standalone mode, use the handheld controller to select pictures, then click OK and Print. But two other disadvantages to inkjet printing discourage its use. The Ribbon And she px a ball.

Insert the installation CD hiti 640 ps a full screen of options is presented to you. Only JPEG images can be processed and printed in the standalone mode.

Just insert your flash card into the appropriate card hiti 640 ps, select the pictures you want to print and how many copies to make and then hit the Print button. One of the slickest things about this new printer, though, is the price drop it brings to its predecessor.

If you have guests every now and then, this makes a great treat. Available from camera dealers, the PS has a small footprint, an hiti 640 ps printer with two media slots and a detachable but cabled controller with a color LCD. Only 25 sheets can be loaded in the holder at a time, Os thoughtfully hiti 640 ps 25 sheets in each pack, this avoids soiling the unused sheets.

Dye sub printing is continuous tone hti think real printsnot screen printing as on an inkjet. The dpi device hiti 640 ps outstanding prints with true, evenly saturated colors and skin tones that are slightly warm hiti 640 ps natural. Click on the Install HiTi Photoprinter and a wizard takes care of the rest. This printer’s results are impressive.


HiTi Photo Printer 640PS

There’s nothing flimsy about these printers — or the company, for that matter. I already have more of those things plugged into my power strip that I can count. HiTi, is not a name that sits on the tip of your tongue when talking about printers. Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies http: And the output is clean. Quick Photo simplifies printing hiti 640 ps single image.

Hi-Touch Imaging HiTi PS photo printer review: Hi-Touch Imaging HiTi PS photo printer – CNET

Use the Up or Down arrow key to set the number of copies to print and press OK again. This is just a fun way to get prints.

The Base USB port whitecontroller, power cable, power switch One of the slickest things about this new printer, though, is the price drop it brings to its predecessor.

Which, as we thought about hiti 640 ps, has another advantage.