Mac, PC Creamware is a company designing sound cards, but their sound cards are quite different from what most of the competition is offering; they are building DSP systems dedicated to process all the audio routing you may dream about, apply effects in realtime, run software synthesizers, without using any of your computer’s processor power. The card you have is old but still being used by many even after twelve years so it’s considered a good investment made. I strongly recommend you to buy the Modular II though, as it is an amazing device. The thing is that this program doesn’t work with ASIO, so the timing was not very good. They can therefore be used with both internal and external signal sources – without DSPs, that would be unthinkable! Effects A studio is only good if you have decent effects to work with.

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If I wanted to make you listen to all of them it creamware pulsar take a whole review. I had a good run with my Pulsar II but i wouldn’t pay a nickel for puosar today. You get more than modules!

Effects – delays, reverbs, limiting, compression, distortions, modular effect capabilities. You’ll recognize these creamware pulsar as soon as you see the wood side panels and familiar interface. The 4 dsp card now serves as a good way to test the plugins available and if liked can be expanded.

Recent Drivers  P-8375GM DRIVERS DOWNLOAD

The highlight of the high-calibre collection of DSP effects is the outstanding MasterVerb – most likely one creamware pulsar the best-sounding reverbs you’ve ever heard.

Review: Creamware Pulsar 2

In the future, you’ll have to buy it, and the bonus will creammware creamware pulsar “poison”, a nice synthesizer device for your Pulsar. The thing is that this program creamware pulsar work with ASIO, so the timing was not very good. It got 2 things going creamware pulsar it,the routing which can be a lifesaver and the ADAT ports.

Order Tracking Checkout Basket. It worked very well. With the Modular V2 this creamare now within anyone’s reach.

creamware pulsar You’ve never before been able to work creamware pulsar professionally and creatively with virtual creamware pulsar. I was able to record the signals of several devices on separated audio tracks, keeping everything in the digital domain from sound generation to medium.

Fat analog sounds, potent drums, inspiring wavetable and outrageous Vector Synthesis sounds! That helps to get your bit productions down to 16 bit while maintaining the quality advantage. Furthermore, you can integrate external audio signals live: The platform 5 software upgrade is not only a driver upgrade but has many plugins included wich are some of the best out here imo.

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Additionally, for this test I will use a standard MIDI keyboard controller, and two amplified studio speakers: And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment.


Analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments. Once your pulssar is built, you drag and drop your sound generators, which can be synthesizers, sample players, creamware pulsar synthesizer, etc.

Creamware Pulsar | Vintage Synth Explorer

creamware pulsar Return to Hardware Instruments and Effects. View the discussion thread. It has a filter section, up to 64 stereo-voices and all the functionality of a pro-sampler. Manufacturer’s Web Site external link.

Creamware pulsar system comes with a giant number of software modules which can be freely combined.

I have had a Scope system for many years and it is great soundwise and in creamware pulsar of what you can do but my main Pulsar II card started playing up before Xmas and is currently not creamware pulsar. Adds motion to your music! The modular elements include a sample player, inserts and the Pulsar DSP effects. You can imagine the possibilities.

Just trying to show a more complete picture. It’s still a great platform after all creamware pulsar years and still growing greater.

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